Our Philosophy

GGG adheres to a code of conduct and ethical business standards that include:


We believe in honest, forthright, cost-effective business practices that are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.


Our business clients cover a broad spectrum of quality companies and professional service practices. We also provide services to not-for-profit and governmental entities. Our forensic and valuation professionals provide services to a wide variety of attorneys, individuals, and businesses.


Controlled growth enables us to be continually responsive while providing the highest standards of client service.


We are effective communicators, able to respond to client needs, and offer a level of performance and satisfaction that reflects the highest level of professional services.


We maintain a company culture that promotes balanced lives and values professional, family, and personal fulfillment.


We contribute to the community by being involved, serving on boards and contributing generously to charitable organizations.


We are committed to utilizing the latest technology to increase productivity and reduce waste and costs.


We are committed to education. We encourage all members of the firm to participate in continuing studies and professional programs that will increase their technical skills and personal performance.

“You can rely on the established knowledge and experience of GGG professionals to understand your needs and exceed your expectations.”