Over the past month there have been a few local companies that have been affected by ransomware and email scams and some of them are in bad shape. Don’t know what ransomware is? Ransomware is when a hacker or a cyber terrorist steal your information or hack into your system and hold your system or information hostage for money. In most cases they ask for bitcoins which are untraceable and the FBI often does not catch these suspects making it near impossible to police.

How do you defend yourself against this?

  • Regular backups of your server and website.
  • Stronger password management – NEVER use your office computer or office email password for any online passwords.
  • Antivirus software.
  • Employee training on what to watch for in potential email scams.

If you want more information about security and backups, call us or visit g3cpa.com and we will assist you in developing a strategy to protect your information.